Here is the picture from the website! The skirts and outfits are a little pricey, but the result is beautiful!!!

Here is the picture from the website! The skirts and outfits are a little pricey, but the result is beautiful!!!

Living in St Louis

…is bad enough, and now my best friend has moved to NYC. JEALOUS! So I’m going to blog about life in the good ole STL. Maybe because its something I haven’t ever seen on a blog before. Well firstly, I’m Emily. I am a traveler, reader, liberal, fashion lover, shoe hoarder, english bulldog owner (that right there says so much haha), daughter, and a HATER of everything midwest. Everywhere I look its “Ann Taylor” this or “New York and Co” that, oh look over there those 5 girls are all wearing the exact same “Abercrombie” shirt. I am sick and tired of it. I have taken it upon myself to try to wear clothing that is not necessarily from the mall.

My first buy was a “Sophistifunk” skirt. I will post a picture later. My BFF, who btw is a plus size model and where I get a lot of inspiration from, modeled one of their skirts at a charity fashion show here in st louis (it was the only time I have ever gotten to see her walk, but i one day hope to get to go to fashion week! eek!) The skirt is a basic white polyester that falls full to the knee with a spandex waist. The waist is brown and black horizontal stripped with 3 black buttons down the back. How could I pass up this circa 1950s skirt!? Granted, there are much more elegant styles they have on their webpage, but I am a poor college student to spends all her money on clothing and food!

http://sofistafunk.com/ —-This is their website, should anyone be interested :)

Today I ate a hashbrown from.McDonald’s, a medium Arby’s curly fries, and a medium Arby’s roast beef sandwich.

I want a white iPhone but ill.never.admit it.


Tapping for WH|BM - Spring/Summer TV Campaign.

You may have seen me Irish dance before (if you haven’t, go HERE + HERE), but I doubt you’ve seen me tap! Watch my first attempt at tap dancing for White House | Black Market’s spring/summer TV campaign above - it launches on TV today, but you get to see it first right here!

P.S. Yes, I did all my own stunts and still have the bruises to prove it!

Coco Rocha…what more is there to say? My idol!

(Source: whitehouseblackmarket.com)

puppyconan Cutest thing ever #puppylabamba even better Lmao

Guitar playin.

Guitar playin.